Stakeholder Consultation brings together APP, local, national and international organizations and other relevant stakeholders to discuss, address issues concerning , and to develop solutions related to the implementations of APP's Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and its landscape conservation initiative.

Following the Rainforest Alliance evaluation report of February 2015, APP has developed a plan to expand the existing Solutions Working Group stakeholder mechanism into something which increases transparency, inclusiveness and addresses APP's current stage of development in implementing its FCP and its broader landscape approach to forest and peatland conservation. This is also needed to reflect the growing recognition across the Indonesian stakeholder landscape that the approach taken by APP has significant potential to transform the country’s approach to climate change issues. The more formal engagement of Indonesian stakeholders will be essential in order to capitalise on this. It is critical to harness the growing support for landscape conservation in key government agencies in order to embed the right mechanisms for landscape-wide interventions.At the centre of this proposal is a new broader, more inclusive 'Stakeholder Advisory Forum'.The Forum will bring together local, national and international organisations and relevant stakeholders in Jakarta every six months. The Stakeholder Advisory Forum is designed to be a platform to address, receive inputs, and discuss general elements of the FCP and landscape approach implementation. back to top

RSWG is a platform where APP invites key stakeholder with social background and experience to give inputs and finding solution on conflict resolution process in the region. RSWG held in Jambi, South Sumatra and Riau provinces. Furthermore about RSWG can find in section social engagement.

We are committed to independent monitoring of our performance against our sustainability commitments. IO is a platform where stakeholders including NGOs are invited to observe the implementation of the FCP. At the beginning this IO focused on moratorium monitoring, but since 2017 with the completion of ISFMP it focuses on the ISFMP implementation.