Asia Pulp and Paper Progress Reporting Tool
APP's Forest Conservation Policy
Asia Pulp and Paper Forest Management Overview

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is dedicated to its Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020, which is a comprehensive sustainability strategy to monitor and manage ten key impact areas of the business and wider supply chain. These impact areas are: climate change, emissions, solid waste, reforestation, water management, conservation and biodiversity, fiber sourcing, employee welfare, community empowerment, and human rights and indigenous people. Since the inauguration of the FCP in 2013, APP has:

  • Held its suppliers to the highest standards of conservation and carbon stock distribution.
  • Retired 7,000 hectares of forest that are no longer used as supply forest.
  • Improved community welfare through constructive engagement and the responsible empowerment of indigenous peoples and local communities in 280+ villages.
  • Developed and launched an Integrated Fire Management program to prevent and mitigate land and forest fires.
  • Joined the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (MERA) and partnered with the Martha Tilaar Group.

In order to reach the goals outlined in the Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020, APP has introduced several management policies. FCP Monitoring provides up-to-date and transparent reports and highlights the efforts being made to transition Asia Pulp and Paper into a more sustainable enterprise with environmental and social responsibility at the forefront of its operations.

APP's Forest Conservation Policy in Numbers